Tuesday, 06 December 2022


Science Programme


CeNS Conducts / helps to organize science outreach programmes including lectures, demonstrations and interactive sessions, in-house as well as in your organization at two different levels: High school / +2 (V4 programme) and University level (Higher outreach)

Nano Scribbling Pad L
Nano Scribbling Pad R

Title: Visible & Invisible Light

Speaker-Dr  D S Shankar Rao

Date - 19th November 2022

Participating Institute - Vidya Vardhka Sangha PU College 

Title: Colors

Speaker- Prof. K S Krishnamurthy

Date - 22nd Oct 2022

Participating Institute - Sri Basaveshwara English High School

Total Students: 44


Title:Nanomaterial- what and why?

Speaker- Dr Pralay K. Santra

Date - 14th Oct,2022

Participating Institute - Lions School, Raichur

Total Students:34


Title: Rasayan Shastra Shatru yetha mitra

Speaker- Prof. B L V Prasad

Date - 21st Sep 2022

Participating Institute - Samsidh School, Vidyaranyapura

Total Students: 57


NanoScience: A new and Big Science of small


Speaker- Dr H S S R Matte

Date - 30th July 2022

Participating Institute - Kalpatharu First Grade College, Tipatur

A Glimpse of Soft matters

Speaker- Dr Geetha G Nair

Date - 28th July 2022

Participating Institute - St. Philomena's College, Mysore

Total Students:34


Title-An Amazing State of Matter: Life Evolution, Science and Technology

Speaker- Dr C V Yelamaggad

Date - 18th July 2022

Participating Institute - PUC-II year students, organized by KSTA

State of Matter


Speaker- C V Yelamaggad

Date - 9th July 2022

Participating Institute - RNS PU College

Total Students: 35

Staff :2

Smart Windows 


Speaker- Dr Ashutosh K Singh

Date - 29th May 2022

Participating Institute - Basaveshwara Girls PU College

Total Students: 35

Staff: 4

75th V4 - Let us learn to lead


Speaker - Prof. B L V Prasad

Date - 24th Mar 2022

Participating Institute - PNMKRV College for Women

Total students:35