Thursday, 02 February 2023

State of Matter


Speaker- C V Yelamaggad

Date - 9th July 2022

Participating Institute - RNS PU College

Total Students: 35

Staff :2

Smart Windows 


Speaker- Dr Ashutosh K Singh

Date - 29th May 2022

Participating Institute - Basaveshwara Girls PU College

Total Students: 35

Staff: 4

75th V4 - Let us learn to lead


Speaker - Prof. B L V Prasad

Date - 24th Mar 2022

Participating Institute - PNMKRV College for Women

Total students:35


Liquid Crystals: An unique state of matter


Speaker- Dr C V Yelamaggad

Date - 18th Mar 2022

Participating Institute - Soundarya composite PU college


Total students:49

Title: Vigyan Sarvatra Pujyate

Speaker-Prof. B L V Prasad,Dr. S. Angappane & Dr.Pralay K. Santra

Date - 25th Feb 2022

Participating InstituteRN Shetty pre-university college, Murdeshwar

Total Student:70


Microscope in Nanoworld


Speaker- Dr. Neena S. John

Date - 17 Dec 2021

Participating Institute - Bishop Cotton Women's College
Lab Visit


Date - 02 Nov 2021

Participating Institute - Students from the University of Agriculture Science visited Lab 

7 Students, 1 Staff

Mimicking Nature


Speaker- Dr Krishna Prasad

Date - 20th Feb 2020

Participating Institute -

School Chandan, Laxmeshwar, Gadag Dist
- 42 Students

Sagara Science Forum - Sagara Shimoga Dist

- 8 Students

A Glimpse into the World of Soft Materials


Speaker- Dr Geetha G Nair

Date - 8th Feb 2020

Participating Institute - B M High School, Bangalore

Total Students : 40

Staff : 2

Visible & Invisible Light


Speaker- Dr Shankar Rao

Date - 21st Dec 2019

Participating Institute - Jawahar Navodhya Vidyalaya Dodaballapur

Students from Manipal University visited C-Lab, Prototype Gallery and TSAMRC lab