Monday, 17 June 2024


CeNS offers a variety of courses to credit to students who have enrolled for their Ph.D. in two sessions: September-December and January-May.


Course code Course name Credits Schedule Downloads
CPE-RPE Research and Publication Ethics  2:0 Thursdays Download Here
CeNS-lP Intellectual Property Rights  1:0 Tuesdays and Wednesdays Download Here
CeNS-NS Basics of Nano and Soft Matter  2:0 Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Download Here
CeNS-SW Safety, Health & Waste Management Certificate Based Course  as indicated Will be updated soon



Course code Course name Credits Schedule
CeNS-IA Instrumental Methods and Analysis 1:2 Will be updated soon
CeNS-ED Energy Materials and Devices 2:1 Will be updated soon
CeNS-NS Basics of Nano and Soft Matter 0:1 Will be updated soon



  • The instructors for various courses and topics therein, are given along with syllabi.
  • All the courses are mandatory and should be credited.
  • All classes will be held in the lecture hall. For practical component, students will be taken to the respective sites.
  • Based on the performance in different courses, cumulative grades will be arrived at the internal assessment report that is to be sent to Mangalore University.
  • A certificate containing course details and grades will be issued at the end of the term.