Wednesday, 21 April 2021

CeNS at IISF-2018

This year the researchers, Dr Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Dr Vivek Ramakrishnan and Mr Anamul Haque represented CeNS at the recently concluded India International Science Festival (IISF)-2018 held during 5-8 October 2018 at Lucknow, UP. They actively participated in the two events, namely, the Young Scientists Conference (5-6 Oct) and the Mega Science, Technology & Industry Expo (5– 8 Oct). At the conference the scientific contributions, “Affordable Smart Windows” by Dr Ashutosh, “Modulating the growth of metallic MoO2 nanostructures with various morphologies enabling it for electrochemical water activation” by Dr Vivek and “Internal Heterostructure of Anion Exchanged Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocubes” by Mr Anamul were presented. They showcased the R&D activities of CeNS through demonstrable prototypes and posters at the Expo. The CeNS stall attracted a large number of visitors from industry and academic institutions, and the prototypes were a great hit especially among the young students.