Sunday, 15 September 2019

UV-Visible-NIR Spectrophotometer with Diffuse Reflectance

UV Visible NIR Spectrophotometer with Diffuse Reflectance

Technical and Characterization Specifications:
  • High performance UV/Vis/NIR double beam, double monochromator, ratio recording spectrometer.
  • Wavelength range 190-3300 nm
  • Absorbance, transmission of fluids, thin films and diffuse reflectance of thin films, powders
  • Integrating 100 mm Spectralon coated sphere, which can be used without any adjustment- reflectance wavelength range 200-2500 nm
  • Thin film solid sample holder for thin film transmission measurement
  • Tungsten-halogen and deuterium lamp with automatic source change
  • Photomultiplier R955 detector for UV/Visible range and peltier cooled PbS detector for NIR wavelength range
  • Spectral bandwidth from 0.17 -5 nm UV/Vis and 0.2 – 20 nm NIR
  • Beam splitting system- chopper (46+ Hz, cycle: dark/sample/dark/reference, chopper segment signal correction CSSC)
  • Photometric range- 6 A
  • UV/Vis resolution ≤ 0.17 nm ,NIR resolution ≤ 0.20 nm
  • System control via the UV-WinLab operating software for compatible Personal Computers