Sunday, 15 September 2019

Table Top Sputtering System: [Make : Hind High Vacuum, ,INDIA]

Table Top Sputtering System

Technical and Characterization Specifications:
  • Control system: Integrated PLC with colour touch screen.
  • Chamber: Glass cylinder 300 mm diameters x 150mm tall with implosion guard. 200mm tall option
  • Vacuum performance (rotary pump): 5x10-2mbar in <12 minutes
  • Vacuum performance (turbo pump): 5x10-5mbar in <20 minutes
  • Metal sputtering: 2 targets for sequential deposition. DC sputter power supply and switching system
  • It is a dual magnetron Gold and Titanium.
  • Gold Current: 60mA
  • Titanium Current: 150mA
  • Crystal holder: 2-target systems have 2 crystal monitor heads.
  • Process gas admission: Single channel pressure control system with chamber purge facility.