Sunday, 15 September 2019

FT – IR Spectrometer

FT IR Spectrometer

Technical and Characterization Specifications:
  • It gives a spectrum (fingerprint profile) of a sample with absorption peaks corresponding to the frequencies of vibrations between the atomic-bonds
  • The spectra of solid samples either in KBr or Nujol mull and liquids (neat) can be recorded
  • Signal-to-noise performance makes it the highest performing, research grade FT-IR system and provides the highest levels of sensitivity.
  • Number of background and sample scan can be set.
  • Source: MIR • Beam split : KBr
  • Detector: DTGS (Deuterated triglycine sulphate detector)
  • Interferogram: Bi-directional
  • J stop size: Size in nm
  • Resolution:1.00 cm-1
  • IR laser wavenumber: Wavenumber in cm-1.
  • Electronically stabilized source and detector for repeatable measurements.
  • Scan parameter such as resolution and range can be set.
  • Can be used with Mettler Hot stage
  • Instrument LCD’s display with go button increase productivity and deliver ease-of-use H2O/CO2 removal, enhances accuracy and reproducibility of data.
  • Spectrum software provides intuitive user operation and helps ensure consistent results, day-to-day, user-to-user.