Monday, 16 September 2019

Contact Angle Meter (KYOWA, Japan):

Contact Angle Meter

Technical and Characterization Specifications:
  • Computer controlled dispenser with manual movement stage
  • Computer controlled automatic dispenser discharges precise volume of droplet in 0.1┬ÁL resolution. 
  • Applicable sample size is up to 150mm x 150mm. 
  • Sessile Drop method: Typical contact angle in static and time function 
  • Extension/Contraction method: Advancing/receding angle under captive drop 
  • Sliding method: Advancing/receding angle on an inclined surface [Option]
  • Dynamic sliding method: Focusing on the speed and acceleration of a droplet sliding off an inclined surface
  • Three-state method: Bubble or oil droplet in water, or vice versa  
  • Measurement of Surface/Interfacial Tension by Pendant Drop method [Optional kit is required] 
  • Fast image capture system (Standard max. 60fps, Option max. 1,000fps) 
  • Automatic dispenser 
  • Zoom lens
  • Temperature control systems for solid and droplet