Monday, 17 June 2024

Electrochemical sensors based on hybrid Films of rGO-Osmium nanostructures

K Bramhaiah, Indu Pandey, Vidya N Singh, C Kavitha, Neena S John,
J. Nanopart. Res. 2018, 20, 56

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Hybrid films of rGO-Os NPs synthesized at a liquid/liquid interface are explored for their electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of rhodamine B (RhB), a popular colourant found in textile industry effluents and a non-permitted food colour. The freestanding nature of the films enables them to be lifted directly on to electrodes without the aid of any binders. The electrochemical sensor based on rGO-Os NP film on pencil graphite electrode shows a remarkable performance for the quantitative detection of RhB with a linear variation in a wide range of concentrations, 4–1300ppb (8.3 nM–2.71 μM). The modified electrode presents good stability over more than 6 months, reproducibility and anti-interference capability. The use of developed sensor for adequate detection of RhB in real samples such as food samples and pen markers is also demonstrated.