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National Science Day 2021

Start: Monday, March 01, 2021   10:00am            Place: Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Arkavathi, Shivanapura

The Centre celebrated the National Science Day on 1st March 2021. Students at the 9th and 10th standard level and their science teachers from the Government high school, Hullegoudana Halli, Bangalore North were invited to actively participate in the event. The programme began with a video introduction to the research activities of CeNS. Prof. G.U.Kulkarni, the Director of the Centre was the Chief Guest. In his address Prof. Kulkarni stressed on the importance of the Day, how students should make best use of their free time and develop scientific curiosity. As an example, he quoted the case of unique face mask designed and fabricated during the lockdown period by a few researchers of the Centre, and now commercialized. After a short video clip on the life and works of Prof. C.V. Raman, a number of short, but interesting science demonstrations were conducted catering to the academic level of the visiting students. The demonstrations conducted by the research students of the Centre included a simple apparatus to realize Raman effect, visualization of simple optical effects using laser beams, generating irregularly shaped soap bubbles, a lay-man’s chemical method to prevent corruption, magnetic levitation, Leidenfrost effect, emission of colours from nanocrystals, non-standard rheological materials, wonders from pencil writing, de-fogging and electrically switchable smart windows. The demonstration was followed by a breif explanation of the involved phenomena and where it gets applied. The whole challenge was to do the explanation in Kannada language, the medium of instruction of the visiting students. The CeNS research students and coordinators stood upto the challenge quite well. The event that lasted a little over 2 hours, was seen to be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the visiting students and teachers, an indication of which also seen in the post-event feedback

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Dr. D.S Shankar Rao & Dr. S. Krishna Prasad
(Co- ordinators of the Science Day Event)
Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Arkavathi, Shivanapura, B’lore-562 123

Centre for Nano and Soft Matter, Sciences
Arkavathi, Shivanapura, B’lore-562 123