Tuesday, 06 December 2022

Founder’s Day

The 15th Prof.S. Chandrasekhar Memorial Lecture was held on Aug 10, 2022. Prof BLV Prasad gave an introduction speech titled “Down the memory lane” presentation about Prof S Chandrasekhar. Later Prof Sanat Kumar (Bykovsky Professor of Chemical Engineering at Columbia University) unveiled the Indian Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) website and delivered the lecture on "Modeling the recycling of polymer waste". Prof Sanat Kumar discussedupcycling of polymers by reversing the process to create monomers which is energetically unfavorable and economically not viable. During his talk, he highlighted that polymers with a high ceiling temperature is hard to recycle while polyethyleneterephthalate with a ceiling temperature of 300-degree celcius is much easier. He also raised a concern about microplastics getting into the ocean. He also discussed various experimental results and calculations of his research work with a lively interaction /session .


founders day