Monday, 22 April 2024

Synthesis and utilization of Nanomaterials for printing and drug-delivery applications with a special emphasis on gold nanoparticles

The department of Chemistry, School of Applied Sciences & Humanities at Vignan’s Foundation of Science, Technology and Research (VFSTR), Deemed to be University, successfully conducted afifteen day refreshers’ course in Chemistry from 6th May 2022 to 20th May 2022. This refresher course, entitled“Spectroscopic Techniques: New facets in contemporary fields of Chemical, Material and Pharmaceutical Sciences” was organized through a successful collaboration between Indian Academies of Science and VFSTR. Prof. DilipDhavale as a representative of Indian Academies of Science and Prof. D. Nagaraju from VFSTR have made this event possible through their tireless efforts. The main goal of the course was to refresh and revisit some of the important topics of spectroscopic techniques and their successful implementation in different branches of Sciences,and Engineering . It was indeed a unique opportunity for the registered participants and the local students and faculty members to listen to some of the stalwarts in the areas of spectroscopy and other allied research areas. The participants enjoyed the seminars of eminent personalities from different fields of Chemistry over a span of fifteen days and the final day of the program featuredProf. B. L. V. Prasad (Director, Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences, Bengaluru), Prof. K. S. M. S. Raghavarao (Ex-Director, CFTRI-Mysore, and Prof. of Chemical Engineering, IIT Tirupati), and Prof. P. Venkatesu (Prof. of Chemistry, Univ. of Delhi) along with dignitaries from VFSTR.

On the final day of the course, the program started with the lecture by Prof. Prasad on synthesis and utilization of nanomaterials for printing and drug-delivery applications with a special emphasis on gold nanoparticles. His started with a brief introduction to the synthetic aspects of nanomaterials and highlighted how functional materials can be created out of systems that have otherwise been thought to be noble and hence non-reactive. He emphasized that the transformation of the intert noble metals into functional materials not only involves their preparation at nanometer scale but also their surface functionalization with appropriate molecules. In his talk the role of molecules/ligands as tools for controlling nanoparticle size, morphology and dispersion stability in different solvent media was also briefly reviewed.Prof. Prasad captured the participants’ attention through his unique, enthusiastic style of involving the audiences during the talk.

Along with the guests, the valedictory function was attended by Prof. D. Nagaraju (Convener and Prof., VFSTR), Prof. Prof. N. Srinivasu (Dean, School of Applied Sciences & Humanities, VFSTR), Prof. K. Prabhakararao (HoD, Dept. of Chemistry, VFSTR). All the dignitaries emphasized on the need of these courses focusing on their utility in participants’ professional journeys and thanked the organizing committee for successful completion of the course and wished a grand success for the rest of course. The enthusiastic participation from students and faculty members, interesting conversations on the cutting edge-research, the importance of fundamental study, the balance between employability and innovation, involvement of social media in spreading science etc. concluded the refresher course on a high note.