Friday, 26 April 2019

V4: Science Programme@CeNS

CeNS embarked on a science initiation programme V4 aimed at students studying in the high school/+2 level with a view to stimulating and nurturing scientific curiosity in the young minds.
V4 Science Programme CeNS

Nano Materials for Science & Technology of Invisibility


Speaker- Dr. Yelamaggad C V


Date - 12th Jan 2019


Participating Institute - PSMO College Tirurangadi, Kerala State

40 Students and 5 Staff

Nano Lithography


Speaker- Dr. Angappane


Date - 3 Jan 2019


Participating Institute - Reva University School of Apllied Science (Physics)

Nano Materials for Solar Cells


Speaker- Dr. Pralay K Santra

Date - 29 Dec 2018

Participating Institute - BEL CBSE,Jalahalli, Bangalore

Digital, Characterisation Lab and Prototype Gallery


Speaker- Dr. Neena S John

Date - 19 Dec 2018

Participating Institute - Farook College, Kozhikode, Kerala